Hello, I’m Brenna, the solo founder of Blazing Star Design, LLC. My vision is to have a company that gives back to the community on multiple levels.
My main goals in this company are:

  1. to support environmental causes financially and through volunteering
  2. to constantly learn more about nature and the best practices in protecting it
  3. to create meaningful art whose subject is primarily inspired by wildlife

My main passion is the protection of the environment. My personal belief is that we only have one life, and one earth to live it in, and I wish to spend mine protecting nature. I have spent the past few years volunteering through AmeriCorps, State and Federal Parks, and several non-profits and activist groups.

My art practice includes 2D and stop-motion animation, painting (primarily watercolor and acrylic), and photography and digital art. My subject focus is on natural Florida, from the forests to the ocean. My main obsessions are birds, manatees, and alligators. I have a passion for native plants and animals and the removal of invasives.

Blazing Star Design provides the following services:

  1. digital art
  2. prints/stickers/original art
  3. painting commissions
  4. animation

Contact me for more information.